Interesting facts

The legend has it that the evolution of human civilization began when an ape took up a twig and used it in order to reach a fruit… from then on wood is used everywhere. As a tool and as a building material :)

The oldest log structure is 4000 years old. It is built in Finland.

The oldest log house structure was found near the lake Ladoga. It was built around 800 B.C.

The oldest log building in the Baltic countries is Ruhnu church, built in 1644. It is in Estonia.

The intensive export of the log production worldwide began in 1958.

70-80 percent of the energy which is needed to process logs is obtained from the leftovers of the production cycle.

Log houses are resistant to the earthquakes. They can warp, deform, but they will not collapse and thus can be easily repaired.

The tradition of log house building was brought to North America by the Scandinavian colonists in the 17th century. Quickly this tradition was adopted by the colonists of other nations as well. After a while even Native Americans began to build log houses.