How much does a log house cost?

We hear this question from our customers and people interested in having a log house someday all the time. For a person, who is not familiar with building specifics of a log house, this question sounds pretty reasonable. But in order to answer that, we must gather a lot of information about the house. It would be the same if to ask “how much does a car cost?” To answer that, we must know many things first. Like, is it a “MERCEDES-BENZ” or some much less luxurious car, how old is it, how powerful the engine should be and much more. The same thing is with log house building. Potential customer must pretty much know what he is expecting and how much money he is prepared to spend. The information can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, our experienced specialists will guide You through the complex process of a log house building and will help You to choose everything You need to have a log house You have always dreamed of!

What style of corners does JSC “Almedas” use?

We use Russian and Scandinavian style corners.

What kind of logs are used for our log houses?

We use round machine-profiled logs.

How does JSC “Almedas” prepare logs for house building?

Our logs are usually air-dried. It is possible to use kiln-dried logs, but in that case the price of a house becomes considerably higher.

Were do I start if I want to build a log house?

First, of course, You have to have a site, where Your house will be placed, get all the necessary permissions. Then it is time to think through what kind of house do You want, how big it should be, how many floors will it have, what diameter logs will be used (We recommend to use at least 20 cm logs or more for a log house. Logs of a lesser diameter are perfect for summerhouses, baths and etc.) and other things like that. We can use Your blueprint or You can use one of ours. You can also contact an architect who specializes in designing log homes. It is completely up to You. Also it is very important to think through if You are going to have a basement (in that case the question of hydro isolation emerges), what kind of roof do You want, what kind of decoration You need, will You need an additional heating and etc. When all the questions are settled, the building process can be started.

How do I protect my log house from moisture, fungus or wood pests?

Moisture itself is not a big threat for the log walls. The problem is constant exposure to the moisture without any ventilation. Then a decay of the log walls can start or the fungus can appear. To avoid these problems precautionary measures must be taken. Nowadays, there are many different products, paints, resistant to moisture and at the same time they let the log wall to “breath” and retain all its natural qualities. Every type of house needs attention, so log house is not an exception. If You will take some time to take care of Your house it will be as durable as every other type of house.

How much attention does a log house need?

Log house needs attention once in a while, like everything else. Sun, wind and rain affects a log house. That is why every 3-5 years it is advisable to use precautionary products (such as sealant), carefully check log walls for any cracks, make sure that moisture would not gather in there and seal them. The inside of the house also needs Your attention. Every 8-10 years You should make a routine checks and use proper products for the protection of the log walls. It is extremely important that You would use proper chemical products specially designed for the inside of the house so that You would not endanger Your health and would preserve unique atmosphere of a log house.

How will the settling of the log house effect plumbing, electrical installations and other things?

The settling of a log house is a completely natural thing, but it can do some damage if not taken care of properly. It must be taken into consideration when the log house is being built especially if it has more than one floor. There are many solutions (such as slip joints, adjustable jacks under any vertical element and etc.) how to compensate the settling so it wouldn’t affect any of the systems installed. Our experienced specialists know every aspect of this process so the settling of a log house will do no harm whatsoever.